Sunday, June 9, 2013

Workout update

Tue, May 28thNo official workouts for the next week!  Beach vacation to St. Johns US Virgin Islands!  The morning started out with a drive to the airport, plane to St. Thomas, drive the rental Jeep across island, car ferry to St. Johns, and then pool time!

Wed, May 29thFerry to Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Island for a day at the beach!  We visited the Soggy Dollar Bar and Foxy’s.  We did walk to the first beach and it was a roller coaster hike!
Thurs, May 30thAnother roller coaster hike to Honeymoon beach on St. Johns.  At least this time, it was a hiking path on not on the main road!  The water is so clear blue!  We spent the morning at the beach (snorkeled and saw 2 sea turtles!!) and the afternoon at the pool and napping!

Fri, May 31stWe drove completely around the island and had lunch at Skinny Legs in Coral Bay.  The afternoon was pool and naptime!

Sat, June 1stTrunk bay beach time in the morning and pool/nap time in the afternoon.
Sun, June 2ndWe did the Reef Bay hike down to see the petroglyphs – 4miles round trip with 700feet of elevation change!  It was a tiring hike back, with a well-deserved jump into the pool when we got home!

Mon, June 3rdLast day in paradise – we spent the morning at Cinnamon Bay beach and the afternoon at the pool. 

Tues, June 4th  Time to go home… actually it was a perfect day to head home since it was thunder storming all morning.  St Johns is a beautiful place and I highly recommend visiting.  If we do go again, we would get a small group of people (~6) and charter a boat for the week.  That way you can boat around all the islands and enjoy lots of beautiful beaches.

Wed, June 5thWe woke up and took Molly for a 1.6mile walk before long days at work!  Starting back slowly from vacation.
Thurs, June 6thI was a little lazy and didn’t want to run, so I took Molly for 3.1mile walk in the morning.
Fri, June 7thAnother lazy running morning that turned into a 3.1mile walk with Molly.

Sat, June 8thRunning…. So here’s the thing…. Running has been hard for me this year…. Have you noticed?  Right now I am have gained ~12lbs since January – baby weight!  I am 26weeks pregnant!  
Little Chub will be joining us in September!
Within the past week, doing normal things have really gotten hard for me and I get out of breath easily.  Definitely time to really slow down with my workouts.  I still want to do some sort of daily workout and running.  The new plan it to keep up with my weekly prenatal workout class (previously referred to as my "ladies" workout!), start swimming, and run 1-mile each day!
I started the 1-mile running plan today (I saw 31-day 1-mile running challenge on pinterest and thought this might be good for me) after feeling awful pain in my side after my scheduled 1-mile walk break. Some running is better than no running.

I also have a running goal - 200 miles for the year.  I am at ~136miles.  I would like to be somewhere around 150-160 by the end of July, and then run 40-50mile in November-December.  Seems pretty reasonable and doable!

Back to Saturday's workout –
3:30min warm-up walk
1mile @ 9:46
2:12min walk break
0.24miles @10:19 – felt awful
1.5mile walk home
Got Molly and G and we went for a 1.83 mile “cool-down” walk.
I also did some arm work with my 10-lbs weights.  Need to keep my arm definition!

Sun, June 9thDay 2 of the 1-mile run plan.
3:30min warm-up walk
1mile @ 9:35
1.75 mile walk with Molly and G.

How have your workouts been going?  Keeping any secrets?

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