Sunday, June 30, 2013


Mon, June 24thDay 17 - 3:30min walk warm-up and one mile in 10:06, followed by 1.15mile walk with Molly – had a rushed morning, so I needed to cut our walk short.
Tues, June 25thDay 18 - 3:30min walk warm-up and one mile in 10:00, followed by 1.74mile walk with Molly in the morning and prenatal combo fitness class after work.
Wed, June 26thDay 19 – Preggo biathlon - one mile treadmill run at 6mph pace, followed by 1000yards in the pool.
Workout –
3x {100 free, 100, back, 100kick}

And we took Molly for a 1.77mile after dinner.

Thurs, June 27th The running streak ended.  I am sad about this, but I was having a bad food day.  Everything was going right through me, so I didn’t think running after work was the best idea.  I can’t feel too bad that I didn’t make the 31-days, I’m 28weeks pregnant and carrying an extra ~12lbs.  How many preggo women do you see out there running??  My mom ran and played tennis up until my birth, so it might just be in my genes.  I still want to do my mile runs, but it might be more like running every other day or every few days.  I am at 159miles running for the year, so my 200mile goal is 100% achievable!!!
We did walk 1.86miles with Molly later that night.

Fri, June 28thDay 1 (or day 20) - 3:30min walk warm-up and one mile in 10:06, followed by 1.6mile walk with Molly.
Sat, June 29thDay 2 (or day 21) - 3:30min walk warm-up and one mile in 10:17, followed by 2.86mile hike at the same trail we did last week with Molly and G.
Sun, June 30thSleep in morning!!  It was a late night out hanging with friends, so we didn’t take Molly for a walk until 10am – hot!!  We walked 1.83miles.

Hope you had a great workout week!

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