Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Another shout out to Nadeau!

Love Love Love this furniture store.  If I had a BIG house, everything would be from Nadeau.
Remember my recent post about my new friend - the small cabinet in our living room?  Love Nadeau!  And I can't recommend it enough.

G's brother recently moved from into a big house and they were in need of a solid wood table.  They mentioned looking at typical furniture stores and Cost Plus World Market, but finding solid wood and not particle board was turning out to be more difficult.  Of course when I heard this, I immediately told my SIL you need to check out Nadeau.  I am sure you can find the perfect solid wood table for ~$600-800.  The pricey part will be chairs and that they don't usually sell "dining room sets."

So I was surprised and excited to see this picture in my inbox last night -
In-laws new kitchen table!
If you are in the market for furniture or just like to shop find your local Nadeau and check it out!

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