Sunday, July 14, 2013

2 weeks worth of WWW

Mon, July 1stDay 3 (or day 22) -  Preggo biathlon - one mile treadmill run at 6mph pace, followed by 1000yards in the pool.
Workout –
3x {100 free, 100, back, 100kick}

Tue, July 2ndJust a walk day! 2.16miles with Molly in the morning.

Wed, July 3rdDay 4 (or day 23) - 3:30min walk warm-up and one mile in 10:09, followed by 1.54mile walk with Molly.

Thurs, July 4thHappy 4th of July!  It was rainy day all day, so no walking.

Fri, July 5thDay 5 (or day 24) – 1mile run ~10:35pace, followed by a 1.07mile walk with Molly.

Sat, July 6thTravel day to Calgary….  Long day, but we did get some walking in when we got to Calgary since G doesn’t have a car.  We walked to dinner and the grocery store.

Sun, July 7thMore walking in Calgary.  We went to the Stampede later in the afternoon and in total probably walked ~6miles.

Mon, July 8thNo official workout, since Sunday was a lot at 30weeks preggo.  I did do some exploring while G was at work in the afternoon.

Tues, July 9thI walked G to work and then ran 1mile in 10:44 and walked 0.37miles home.  Later in the day was more walking ~3miles.  My feet are tired!

Wed, July 10thTravel day home!

Thurs, July 11thI didn’t feel like running, so Molly and I just walked 2miles in the morning.

Fri, July 12thLazy girl!  I didn’t sleep well, so I slept in and extra hour before work and skipped running or walking.

Sat, July 13thI had plans of running my mile, but didn’t feel so good in the morning, so I just took Molly for a 3.2mile walk and did some free arm weights.

Sun, July 14thSleep in morning!!  Eventually, I took Molly for a 3mile walk and did more free arm weights.

Fun times!

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