Thursday, July 25, 2013

Keeping It Real!

We have been air conditioner free since Monday!  Keeping it real with the windows up and ceiling fans on high!

Are you jealous??

We have been having lots of thunderstorms that cause the power to flicker or go out for a few minutes.  The latest storm on Monday killed the A/C compressor.  We did think it might just be a bad circuit braker, so the EE is both of us, ran to Home Depot and replaced the braker.  No dice.
Tuesday, G's dad came over and took care of getting quotes and service people out to the house.  Fixing it that day = $800, fixing it on Wednesday = $300.  Monday night we slept with the windows open, ceiling fan on, and box fan in the window pushing air.  It wasn't a big deal.  So saving $500 was just fine with me.
Well as the story goes, the part wasn't in stock for Wednesday and then Thursday the delivery people wouldn't over night an oil compressor.  Keeping my fingers crossed for getting A/C back on Friday.

Wish us luck on Keeping It Real - Night 4!

PS - It was brought up on FB that at 30+ weeks pregnant, I should be miserable and staying at a hotel.  My parents house didn't and still doesn't have central A/C.  Within the last 5 years, they bought a few window A/C units - I guess menopause necessitates A/C.  Anyway.... not having A/C isn't a big deal for me.  So this Keeping It Real thing isn't too bad.  I do need circulating air.  I can't stand a stuffy-house. But if the A/C isn't fixed on Friday, I might be a little more interested in relocating somewhere else during the day.

PPS. - We are now considering getting a whole house panel protector to prevent any more expensive appliances from going out.  Do have something like this?  Any other recommendations?

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