Sunday, July 28, 2013


This wasn't the best workout week, by far.  But sometime life just has other plans for you!

Mon, July 22ndWe were all ready to take Molly for a walk after dinner, but that's when we figured out the A/C wasn’t working and made a mad dash to Home Depot for a circuit breaker.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t the breaker….it was the compressor and wasn't in stock, so earliest fix date is Friday!
Tue, July 23rd2.09 mile walk with Molly in the morning and some arm weights.
Wed, July 24thIt was an early start to the day and a long day at work.  I came home and crashed.
Thurs, July 25th2.22 mile walk with Molly in the evening and some arm weights!  Still living without A/C, but the compressor will be replaced on Friday!
Fri, July 26th1.85mile walk with Molly in the evening.  I love coming home to A/C!
Sat, July 27thI had a really really rough Fri-Saturday night!  Was hit with food poisoning and couldn’t keep anything inside of me.  It started innocently around 1am and then got real bad around 3am.  I ended up calling the on-call OB and she prescribed me Ondansetron ODT 4mg – which is used for chemo patients with nausea and vomiting.  Fun!  Thank-goodness for 24-hr CVS!  The drugs do make you drowsy and very sleepy.  With my lack of sleep that night, I spent most of Saturday sleeping with some awake time to drink water-downed Gatorade, ginger ale, or water.  By around 8:30pm, I started to feel like a human and took an Epson salt bath before calling it a night.  Sorry baby for being so sick!
Sun, July 28thI slept through the night! Still feeling weak from the lack of food, so no walking Molly today.  Just going to take it easy and do some stuff around the house.

Hope you had a much better weekend than me!

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