Thursday, November 7, 2013

Best Baby things

Baby P is now 8weeks young and I feel like I have handle on some of our favorite baby things.

1. Baby Sleeper -This is our favorite thing!  It was a recommendation from friends and we can't thank them enough!!  Baby P has slept in this every night since coming home.  He isn't a fan of his crib, but is fine in this sleeper in the nursery.  One of the great features is how easy it folds up, can be moved from room to room, and is easy to transport!  I can't recommend this sleeper enough!

2. Burp cloths - These are extra thick and wonderful for wiping P's chin and to protect your clothes while burping.  They also make bibs!  I am ordering some now!

3. Nursing cover - I don't know if this is the best nursing cover since it is the only one I have, but it is great!  I really like that the corners have terry cloth edges that can be used to wipe P's face or catching dripping milk.

4. Swing - This was a recommendation from my bestie who had used it for her two babies.  P sleeps in this during the day.  The best part.....the AC adapter!!  Now if it only came with a remote....the swing noise drives me crazy when I want to nap (I'm like the princess and the pea - any constant noise drives me bonkers!)

5. Ergo baby carrier - I think "wearing" your baby is one of the coolest things.  This is great because most of the weight is on your hips.  I do have a Moby wrap, but haven't quite figured it out.  I am going to a local Baby Wearing International meeting on Friday to get help!

6. Paci - Our friends got P a mustache paci, but he hates the shape of it.  I think he likes this paci because it is the same shape as the bottle nipples and the girls.  Fortunate for us, he isn't too attached to it!

7. Pottery Barn Kids blanket - I am a sucker for all things personalized.  Probably has something to do it my uncommon name!  My mom got P this blanket in grey with his name in orange.  Matches the nursery and the BOB.  P does have another great blanket from The Uncommon Kid, but it looks like she isn't selling anything now.  We have a few other great blankets, but I don't know where they are from.  Soft is the key!

8. Bottle brushes - Great for cleaning out all the bottles and pumping stuff.

9. Swaddle wraps - P does not like to be swaddled.  He likes his arms out and kicks his legs a lot.  We don't use these to wrap him, instead they make great car seat covers when we go out in public!  I keep one in the car and one in the diaper bag.  Some people are super noisy with a baby and this keeps them out!

What other favorite baby things do you recommend?

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