Sunday, November 3, 2013


Mon, Oct 28th – I did a “morning workout” from pinterest.
3x {25 push-ups (on my knees)
       30 crunches
       50sec wall sit
       10 dips
       45sec plank
       30 lunges on each leg
       15 squats }

Tues, Oct 29th – 2.19mile walk with baby P in the morning and then 5-to-50 AB workout (again found on pinterest) – you are supposed to do 3 rounds.  I did 1.  Weak abs!
5 V-Up crunches
10 side plank rows with leg lift on each side(I skipped the leg lift since my balance is a little off)
15 full body tuck’n spreads
20 alternating superman planks
25 plank jacks to jumps
30 windshield wipers
35 leg lifts
40 side-to-side foot taps
45 sec elbow plank
50 bicycle crunches

Wed, Oct 30th  "Morning workout" and 1.46mile family walk in the evening.

Thurs, Oct 31st – Happy Halloween!!
I decide it was time to start running…. I did a 1.19mile RUN with Molly in the early, dark, cold morning.
The first mile was @11:32 and the 0.19 was @10:53.  Not the best times, but the times don’t matter now, getting the distance is!  Baby P was still asleep when I got home, so I did one round of the 5-to-50AB workout.

Fri, Nov 1st – off/rest day
Sat, Nov 2nd – 2mile RUN with Molly and then 1.19mile family walk.
Splits – Mile 1 @10:34, Mile 2 @10:30.

Sun, Nov 3rd -  2mile RUN with Molly.  This one had some hills!  It was hard!
Splits – Mile 1 @10:38, Mile 2 @10:48.

I like the “Morning Workout” and “5-to-50 AB workout” so I am going to do them more this week with a little running as G’s schedule allows. 


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