Thursday, July 21, 2011

More workout updates

Sunday, July 17th - off/rest day! I did see the last Harry Potter movie and watched the World Cup Finals. It was a wonderful rest day!

Monday, July 18th - I did regular boot camp and the advanced class after. It was really hot, so we skipped the mile run. I did 33 push-ups in 2 min and then we all did 5min of changing-plank. 1min in regular position, 30sec with your left arm up, 30sec with right arm up, 30sec with left foot off the ground, 30sec with right foot off the ground, 30sec with left arm and right foot off the ground, 30sec with right arm and left foot off the ground, 1min in regular position. Fun!
Next we did cardio with weights (10lbs) and did some new exercises. including a lot of hamstring work! Advanced class was 3 x 5{50sec on, 10sec off} using five of the new moves we did in the previous class -
Alligator push-ups (hand off-set - one near your shoulder, one near your stomach.)
Sit and reach (siting with your but on the floor, feet flat on the ground, and hand behind you flat on the ground. Raise your hips up and with one hand reach for the ceiling, go down, and then switch hands. Repeat as fast as you can.)
Skiers - with weights in your hand swing your arms like a cross country skier.
Ballet squats with bicep curls.
Prisoner gets-ups - I love these! Lay flat on the ground, with your hand behind your head. With out moving your arms and using momentum, get up into a standing position. I curl up like in Pilates (one vertebra at a time!) then put my feet near by butt and standup.
Overall it was a great workout and I was sore the next few days!

Tuesday, July 19th - Run day!
15min warm up
6x {2min fast, 2min easy}
10min warm down

Results - 5.47miles in 50:28
15min warm up - 1st mile @ 8:23, 0.79miles @ 8:21 pace
6x{0.27miles @ 7:25
0.28miles @ 7:06
0.27miles @ 7:23
0.27miles @ 7:16
0.29miles @ 7:05
0.28miles @ 7:07}
10:28min warm down - 1st mile @ 8:22, 0.37miles @ 8:15

I like that my pace gets faster as I go. That will be useful for the marathon!

Wednesday, July 20th - Boot camp! My left elbow that was bothering me on Monday really hurt all day, so I did the workout without weights. I did all the movements and I am sure I looked silly, but oh well! We had a heat advisory, so we didn't do the mile run. I did push-ups on my knees because of the elbow. We also did a repeat of the 5min plank on Monday. The rest of the class was a mix of plyos, cardio, squats, and abs. It was a great workout and my body is really sore and tired.

Thursday, July 21st - Run day!
20min warm-up
2x {10min @ 8min pace, 3min easy}
10min warm down run

Results - 6.34miles
20min warm up- 1st mile @ 8:43, 2nd mile @ 8:35, 0.32 miles @ 8:28 pace
1st 10min - 1mile @ 8:02, 0.24miles @ 7:53
2nd 10min - 1mile @ 7:46, 0.29miles @ 7:44
10min warm down - 1mile @ 8:28, 0.18miles @ 8:26

My legs were tired and it was really hot. It was 83deg when I started at 6am! This heat wave sucks!

Friday, July 22nd - off/rest day!

Saturday, July 23rd - Long run of the week - Airport loop! This week's plan was 11 miles - 7easy and 4 @ 8:15min/mile pace.

Splits -
Mile 1 - 8:45
Mile 2 - 8:28
Mile 3 - 8:31
Mile 4 - 8:36
Mile 5 - 8:25
Mile 6 - 8:41
Mile 7 - 8:38 (stopped after this mile to eat some sports beans and do a little walking)
Mile 8 - 8:08
Mile 9 - 8:04
Mile 10 - 8:15 (this had a climb and I was really tired at this point)
Mile 11 - 8:06
Total - 1:32:47

It was hot! I started a little before 6am and the temps were in the high 80s with the heat index making is feel like the mid 90s. This was at 6am!!! I drank all of my water, something I usually don't do. I probably went out a little too fast for the first 7 miles. I need to work on maintaining my pace a little better. Overall, I am happy with this workout! And the reward, a 3 hr nap! Love it!


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