Thursday, July 14, 2011

Workout update

Monday, July 11th - Regular boot camp and the advanced boot camp class. It was super hot, so we skipped the mile run. I did 32 push-ups in 2min and 5min plank. We did the compact chain with 10lb weights starting at 1rep -> 10reps and then finished the workout with buns of steel! Outer and inner thigh work!

Tuesday, July 12th - Marathon training
15min easy warm-up run
6 x (2min fast, 2min easy) - fast pace goal was 7:30min/mile
10min easy warm-down run

I did 5.12miles in the 49min.
15min easy warm-up - 8:57 for the first mile, 0.68miles in the next 6min with pace of 8:58.
#1 fast - 0.25miles @7:40 pace
#2 - 0.27miles @7:21 pace
#3 - 0.26miles @ 7:30 pace
#4 - 0.28miles @7:16 pace
#5 - 0.29miles @6:57 pace
#6 - 0.29miles @6:52 pace
10min warm-down - 8:21 for the first mile, 0.19miles in the next 1:39 with pace of 8:41.

Splits are sort of all over the place, but I am happy with the times.

Wednesday, July 13th - More boot camp. It rained that afternoon, so the temperature dropped and we were able to do the mile run. My mile race-friend was there and we were ready to chase each other. Did I mention that are names are off by one letter?! I have an extra "a."
She won with 6:37 and I went 6:40! That is a best time by 8sec!!! I think we should try and break 6:30 next week.
32 push-ups in 2min, 5 min plank, more compact chains with 10lbs weight. We started at 1rep and I got up to 7reps. We finished the workout with a tons of abs! I was tired at the end and ready to stretch!

Thursday, July 14th - Marathon training - 5.82miles.
15min warm-up run
2 x (10min @8min/mile pace, 3 min easy)
10min warm-down run

15 min - 1st mile in 8:43, 0.76mile at 8:16 pace
#1 - 1 mile in 7:50, 0.28mile at 7:46 pace
#2 - 1 mile in 7:51, 0.27mile at 7:56 pace
10 min - 1 mile in 8:30, 0.17 at 8:19 pace

It was the 5th workout in a row and my legs were tired. I am happy with the times. Definitely tired. Looking forward to my Friday afternoon nap!

Friday, July 15th - off/rest day! I need it. I am tired.


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