Sunday, March 11, 2012

Beginning of March workout review

Thur, March 1stLong Run Day – 10miles! since I was in Calgary/Banff over the weekend. I also joined MABS – March Ab Madness. I saw different workouts on Pinterest and FB and liked this one the best. I did do the 80 sit-ups and 20push-ups.

Running Splits –

Mile 1 – 8:56

Mile 2 – 8:43

Mile 3 – 8:53

0.36miles @8:42

2:08min break to eat a fruit leather

1mile @ 8:57

0.53miles @ 9:05

1:56min break

1mile @ 9:03

1mile @9:00

0.09miles @9:09

1mile @9:31

1mile @8:58

0.8miles @9:05

total – 10miles in 1:32.11

Just a little tired….

Fri, March 2ndWalked around Calgary a little bit and did 2 Nike Training Club workouts – Get Focused Cardio Killer and Better Butt – both 15min workouts.

Cardio Killer –

3 x {1min alternating froggers

1min burpees

30sec squat hold

30sec squat jumps

1min 2feet plack side hops

30sec tuck jumps – just did squats focusing on getting my gluts involved.

30sec recover}

Better Butt –

3 x {1min single leg clock squats

1min alternating step back lunges

1min split jumps

1min pulse jumps

1min wide leg deadlifts without weights}

I definitely felt my legs and butt after these 2 workouts. I did do my back stretching/exercise and part of MABS. I did the 80 sit-ups, but forgot to do the 20 push-ups. And by forgot, I was doing all my exercises on my back, then my side and totally forgot about the push-ups. Maybe I should start with those first!

Sat, March 3rd Banff! I do really like this little snowy town. We walked around the city and then walked along the top of Sulphur Mountain. It was really cold and really windy. I was warm, but probably could have used a thicker scarf….. Later that night my throat started to feel sore.

Sun, March 4thDay 1 of this awful illness – today was flu like symptoms – achy body, hot then cold, queasy stomach, I probably had a fever at one point and ended up sleeping with a cold wet wash cloth on my forehead. No MABS.

Mon, March 5thDay 2 was an early flight back home. I had spent most of the night telling myself “you are not sick!” I didn’t want to feel crappy on a 4hr flight in a middle seat! It worked, but the flight and lack of sleep made the illness hit me again… NO MABS.

Tue, March 6th Day 3 :( I feel awful. My left ear is completely blocked and the sinus pressure on my head is killer. I spent most of the day in bed, until it was time for PT. At PT I had more dry needling, which is very painful, but it is helping my muscles relax and the feeling after is great! I was able to do MABS that night – 90 sit-ups, 25 push-ups.

Wed, March 7thDay 4…. Still super sick. I ended up spending the day sleeping at my in-laws house, since we were having our house cleaned. She comes once a month and I didn’t want to cancel. My left ear is still blocked and causing major pain in my head. The mornings are the worst. That night I did do my back stretching/exercises and MABS - 90 sit-ups, 25 push-ups.

Thur, March 8thYes, I am still sick and counting – Day 5. I am going to keep counting until the pressure on my left ear pops! I did go to work today for a few hrs and came home and slept for 4hrs! I am over being sick. That night I did do my back stretching/exercises and MABS - 95 sit-ups, 26 push-ups.

Fri, March 9thDay 6…. I broke down and called my Dr. She was able to see me that afternoon and told me I probably have a virus and my left ear looks pretty red, so I might have and ear infection. She said to keep taking Sudafed and gave me a prescription for Amoxicillin. Keeping my fingers crossed for a weekend recovery! And yes I did my back stretching/exercises and MABS - 95 sit-ups, 26 push-ups that night.

Sat, March 10th Day 7… rough morning, but I took my drugs, got my tea and Kleenex and took Molly for a 4.0 mile walk. I can feel that there is some movement in my ear – good sign?!

Sun, March 11th Day 8…. OMG my ear is going to kill me! I repeated Saturday morning routine and took Molly for 5.0miles! Tired puppy! I did do my back stretching/exercises and MABS - 100 sit-ups, 28 push-ups in the morning and may try and do some more to make up for missing 3-4 and 3-5.

Next Sunday is my spring ½ marathon, the first race since my marathon and hurting my back. This training session has been rough – back pain and being sick twice. I know it won’t be a best time, I am just hoping to run the whole thing and feel like I gave it my best effort.

Hope you all are feeling much better than me and having great workouts!



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  1. I love 'March Ab Madness'... ha! Hope you feel better and you'll do just fine on the race :)