Friday, March 16, 2012

Week workout wrap-up

Mon, March 12thDay 10 of the illness that won't go away….. this sucks!

MABS – 100 sit-ups and 28 push-ups and make-up MABS 85 sit-ups and 22 push-ups.

Nike Training Club - Get Strong – Advanced – Heartbreaker, 30min.

Workout –

2min light jog

2min straight leg kicks

1min back pedal

1min recover

3 x { 30sec shoulder press

30sec squats

30sec push ups with feet on medicine ball – just did them on my knees

30sec kick downs

30sec sumo squats with press

30sec mountain climbers

30sec deadlift

30sec toe touches

1min recover}
2min standing hamstring stretch

2min lying quad stretch

Tues, March 13thDay 11…..

PT and MABS - 90 sit-ups and 25 sit-ups.

Nike Training Club – Get Lean – Advanced – Shakedown, 30min.

Workout -

1min light jog

2min straight leg kicks

1min slide and glide

1min walking lunges

2min recover

2min wood chop with 10lb weight

2min mountain climber

30sec tuck jumps

1min push away balance

1min walk out push up to swivel

1min ski jumps with 10lb weight

1min froggers

1min recover

2min plank row to rotation

1min alternating step back lunges

30sec high knee runs in place

1min 2feet lateral hops in place

2min broad jumps

1min bicycles

1min shoulder press

1min bunny hops

2min pretzel stretch

2min lower back stretch

1min standing hamstring stretch

Wed, March 14thDay 12…. Still have an ear infection. It is probably a virus – yuck! I did go for a run this morning – 3.1miles in 28:38. It was hard and I felt awful. I also had some technical difficulty with my watch after I stopped to take off my long sleeve shirt. I am not going to let this race get to my head.

Splits –

1mile @ 8:54

0.76miles @ 9:08

1mile @ 9:51 – this isn’t right

0.34miles @ 8:42

My next easy run is going to be Friday morning. ½ marathon on Sunday! I did MABS – 105 sit-ups, 30 push-ups.

Thurs, March 15thDay 13….. my ear hurts and now allergies are hitting. I am finishing my course of antibiotics and starting new ones. I really want to kick this thing before Sunday!

Nike Training Club! Get Lean – Advanced – Razor Sharp, 30min.

Workout -

1min plank on knees

1min wood chops

30sec high knee runs in place

30sec squat jumps – just squata

1min alternating froggers

1min side plank crunches

1min burpee to shoulder press

30sec ski jumps

30sec split jumps

1min plank

1min wood chops

30sec Russian twists

30sec 2feet plank side hops

1min sumo squat with press

1min deadlift

30sec mountain climbers

30sec tuck jumps

1min plank on knees

2min single leg deadlift dumbbell row

1min frogger to sumo squat

1min V-ups

2min push away balance – just did squata

1min 2feet lateral hops in place

1min crazy Ivans

1min froggers

30sec opposite arm/leg supermans

1min full extensions

30sec alternating froggers

1min suitcases

2min side plank on knees

1min lying quad stretch

1min standing hamstring stretch

After, I did my back exercise/stretches and MABS – 110 sit-ups, 30 push-ups and did extra MABS to make up for missing some at the beginning of the month – 85 sit-ups, 22 push-ups.

Fri, March 16thDay 14….new drugs seem to help a little, plus I added an allergy pill. Thinking it would be a good idea to list all the meds I am on, on my race number for Sunday!

Easy run – in the dark, so the splits are a little slow since I had to pay attention to the ground.

3.1 miles in 27:50.

Splits –

Mile 1 – 9:07

Mile 2 – 9:06

Mile 3 – 8:43 – sun is up!

0.1miles @9:06

And of course MABS – 110 sit-ups, 30 push-ups.

Saturday is a rest day and Sunday is a long run day (My 6th 1/2 marathon)! Not going to say race……



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