Friday, March 30, 2012

Week workout wrap-up

Because I know you have been waiting for this.....

Mon, March 26th Nike Training Club! - Get Lean - Advanced - 30min Heartthrob.

Workout –

1min light log

1min high knee runs

1min recover

1min alternative medicine ball push-ups – just did push-ups on my knees

1min plank walks – just did planks

1min plank row to burpee – no weights

2min squat jumps – just squats

1min side lunge with rotation

2min leg deadlift reverse fly

1min broad jumps – just did squats

1min plank row to rotation – just did planks

30sec high knee runs

30sec modified burpee

30sec high knee runs

30sec modified burpee

1min Russian twist

1min alternating forward lunge with arm curl

2min ski jump to cross back lunge

30sec mountain climbers

2min squat jumps

30sec froggers

30sec mountain climbers

30sec froggers

1min walk out push up to swivel

1min crazy Ivans

2min standing hamstring stretch

2min pretzel stretch

1min lower back stretch

And finished with MABS - 130 sit-ups and 38 push-ups. Great workout!

I did take Molly for a 1.05mile walk in the PM – had to collect a poop sample for the vet! Fun times!

Tues, March 27th The alarm went off and I reset it for another hr of sleep! I figured my body needed it. I had PT in the evening (lots of dry needling, electrostimulation/heating pad, and working on my balance – looks like I have weak ankles!) and I did my MABS - 135 sit-ups and 40 push-ups.

Wed, March 28th Took Molly for a 2.0mile walk in the morning – it was nice walking her when all the kids are rushing to school and the flowers are blooming!

A group of us at work are running a 5k in a few weeks and they want to train with me. So we went for a 3mile run at 5:30pm (HOT!) and then did 8 pick-ups. The run was easy and the pick-ups were killer! I skipped MABS because I was meeting a friend for dinner and enjoyed a little too much vino. I’ll make it up!

Splits – 3.01 miles in 29:29

1mile @ 10:06 – I was letting them set the pace.

1mile @ 9:43

1mile @ 9:21

Walk break before starting the PUs and run back to the lab – 1.19 miles – they worked me hard on the sprints!

#1 – forgot to start my watch L

#2 – 0.07miles @ 6:34

#3 – 0.07miles @ 6:36

#4 – 0.08miles @ 5:56

#5 – 0.08miles @ 6:06

#6 – 0.09miles @ 5:44

#7 – 0.08miles @ 6:03

#8 – 0.07miles @ 7:08 – tired!

My legs were definitely tired at the end. It was a great workout!

Thurs, March 29th Run morning! I really enjoy running in the morning. I can’t wait till the sun decided to come up sooner than 7:30am. Running in the dark at 7am isn’t that much fun. My legs could tell that I had run the night before and were really tired the first part of the workout. I did push through and felt great at the end. I ended up doing Wednesday’s MABS -135 sit-ups and 40 push-ups before my run and Thursday’s MABS 140 sit-ups and 42 push-ups after the run. It is probably a good idea to wash my yoga mat!

Workout –

10min warm-up – 1mile @ 9:17, 0.08miles @8:49

4x {5min @8:15pace – 1st : 0.61miles @8:09, 2nd : 0.61miles @8:11, 3rd : 0.63miles @8:01, 4th :

0.63miles @8:00

2min easy}

10min warm-down – 1mile @8:42, 0.16miles @8:27.

Fri, March 30thMore Nike Training Club – Get Focused – Butt Buster – 15min workout and Leah Kim’s Dynamic yoga (one of my workout rewards) – 15min.

Butt Buster –

5x {1min hip lift

1min cross back lunge

30sec split jumps

1min side lunge with rotation

1min modified side plank leg lift

30sec recover}

Leah Kim’s yoga –

1min kneeling balancing

1min keeling balancing side plank

30sec plank pose

30sec pulsing plank pose

30sec downward facing dog

30sec plank to low plank

30sec cobra

30sec upward facing dog

1min forward fold

90 sec sun salutation

30sec crow pose

1min yogi push-ups

1min L at the wall

1min side plank

1min side plank with lifted top leg

1min side plank with tree pose

1min locust pose

And of course MABS - 140 sit-ups and 42 push-ups. I am not sure how great MABS were – definitely the push-ups worked, so I am going to keep up with them, but I’ll probably change up the sit-ups. I’ll keep you posted!

Sat, March 31st Off/rest day!

Sun, April 1st Race Day!! I am doing the Carlsbad 5000 – All Day 25k. Yes, just a little crazy! A bestie did it last year and had fun, so I thought it would be fun. Plus who hates Cali??!! I don’t really have any time goals, except to be consistent, strong at the end, and hopefully get into the top 250 in my age group to get a metal!



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