Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Pi Day and...

Happy new side fence day!

The previous owners put up a nice privacy fence on one side of our house -
And left this awful fence on the other side -
That is an after picture after I cleared some of the brush to make way for the fence guys -
Isn't it ugly?

Most of the wood is rotting and Molly has broken through the fence, not great when animal control likes to roam our neighborhood!
So we have had to "patch" some of her holes -

Yes that is an old door!
With paving stones to fill in some of her digging.

And the wheel barrow strategically placed to reinforce the paving stone/ply wood patch. Lovely!
The weird or funny thing about Molly creating all these holes, once she gets out of the fence she just sits in the carport waiting for us to get home. Silly dog!

I am so excited about the new fence!!
What improvements have you been making?

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