Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rug update!

The rugs came! 

It took forever to get them out of the bags, since I didn't want to just cut the bags apart, just in case they were damaged or awful.  They are great!

The guestroom rug took a little while to get down.  I decided to wash the bed skirt and wash and wax the floor and then it took me ~hour to finally get the position right.  It might have helped if I had moved the bed into the hall instead of just propping it up again the wall.  Opps!

Before with a too small blue rug.
Arti in the window

Cleaning the floors!

Arti always getting in trouble!

The rug "breathing" before going in the guestroom.


I like how much the blue flowers match the bedspread.

The rug in our room will have to wait until G is home.  I can't lift the bed frame alone.

On another note, I have been spending the last few months studying for the Project Management Professional exam which I took and passed this morning!
With my foot recovery and studying, the guestroom painting has been on hold.  As of Sunday, painting has commenced!!  Yay for no more yellow walls!!  

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