Sunday, September 9, 2012

WWW - It's back!

This past week my foot started to feel somewhat normal so I decided it was time to start walking!

Sun, Sept 2ndwalked 1.29miles in 29:52
Mon, Sept 3rdwalked 1.63miles in 34:26
Tues, Sept 4thwalked 0.68miles in 15:00
Thurs, Sept 6thwalked 1.25miles in 33:14
Sat, Sept 8thwalked 1.62miles in 32:29
Sun, Sept 9thwalked 2miles in 42min

My foot does feel tired at the end of the day.  I am icing it multiple times during the day and soaking it in Epsom salts at night.  My next Drs appointment to talk about running is Sept 20th.  I am excited!!

Hope your workouts are a little more exciting than mine!

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