Sunday, September 23, 2012


Not a great week.  I haven’t been feeling well, tired, and I think the emotion of G being gone and finishing up the PMP hit me.  On the plus side, the office is all painted!  I love the color!! 
I still need to deal with the bookshelf and figuring out the best furniture placement. 

Mon, Sept 17th walked 1.6miles in 32:06 (prepped the office – sanded and wash the walls)
Tues, Sept 18th1st coat of gray paint!
Wed, Sept 19th walked 1.6miles in 31:13 (sanded and washed the walls)
Thurs, Sept 20th 2nd coat of gray paint!
Fri, Sept 21st walked 1.58miles in 33:10
Sat, Sept 22nd Felt awful, so I took some drugs and napped most of the afternoon
Sun, Sept 23rdpainted the trim and touched up the ceiling edging.   I had taped it, but there was still evidence of the yellow paint, so I took a small artist brush and covered up the yellow.  That took a few hours!  I spent the rest of the day working on our scarecrow for the local Botanical Garden.  We built one last year and ended up being the first scarecrow you saw (next to the ticket booth) and he was on the cover of the living section of our local paper.  We have high expectations for this year!
BranchAlina - about 75% done.
On another note, I had my 8week follow-up with my foot Dr on Thursday.  He said the swelling indicates that I am still healing.  He said no running until I can walk with Molly without pain/discomfort.  Probably, a few more weeks of walking only.   He did say that I could start yoga, so that is the plan for October!

Fun times!

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