Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Office update part 1

 First - this the first part of possible a many part update on the office.  I have been thinking about redoing it for a few months and gathered a few things for a mood board, but haven't done much about it, until this past weekend....

I love all the painting I did last year!  Except for 2 things - we probably could have gone a shade darker in the master (updated pics here) or split the paint tones above and below the chair rail.  Oh well!  The office - this was the 2nd room I painted and didn't feel comfortable with color, so we just picked a darker yellow shade (previous owners had it as a nursery.)  In the past year, the office has become a wasteland.  We just store crap in there, it is the "cat" room, and the yellow paint is blah.

View from the hallway
Over run bookshelf
Pile of crap...

Office closet - this is 100% my fault!  I just sort of put it there so I don't have to look at it!

 Desk set-up - the desk is kindey shaped and has a leather top.  It was G's grandfathers.  The other table is home to the printer and also an antique.  The wooden chair is an old teacher's desk chair.  All neat pieces, but very mix-match.
My goal is to turn the office into a functional office, somewhere G will actually want to work in. The guestroom will be shared with the cats.

So my first thought was teal... 

The middle rug is my inspiration from Garnet Hill.
I love love love those rugs that a friend posted on Pinterest.  I then found "Rainforest" from Martha Stewart and am I love with it too!

The two swatches on the left on the grey paint are the paint colors in the living room/dining room/hallway and our bedroom.  So I think the house will look cohesive now!
I would love to paint the whole room Rainforest, but G hates that color.  I have a purse that pretty much matches Rainforest and he things it is the ugliest thing ever.  Boo!  So no painting the room teal.  Plus it might be a little too dark!

The "tentative" plan is paint the office grey with teal accents.  Buy a 3" tall wooden bookshelf and paint it teal.  This will house all the school books.  Paint the back of the built-in bookshelf in the same teal paint and make it more of a display bookshelf.  Get the blue chair recovered.  And reorganize the furniture to make it a functional office.

My first step is/was getting the blue chair recovered!  Thanks to my in-laws for their help with this.  According to the guy at the upholstery store, the chair is an antique and you don't find them anymore with the side buttons.  It also has sentimental value....

The cats have sort of taken over the chair!  They are getting a cat-scratching condo on Friday, to start a new habit!
Recognize the chair?
The color palette - the left most chip will be the wall color, the middle chip will most likely be the rug color, the teal will be the accent color, and the leaf fabric is what the chair is being recovered in!  We found the fabric in the sale rack for $5/yard.  Winner!  The chair should take ~3weeks.  I am excited for this slow transformation!


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  1. I really like where this is going!!! YAY! Have fun!