Friday, May 10, 2013

My new friend

Have I told you about Nadeau furniture store?
I love love love this store and would buy everything in it!  They sell solid wood furniture at very reasonable prices.  We got that bookshelf/liquor cabinet for ~$650 back in November and my nightstand a few years ago for ~$130.
Again, I love my nightstand and would love to get more matching pieces, like the buffet....
Sadly, we don't have room for a buffet, so I have been keeping my eye out for another small cabinet to match my nightstand for our charging station in the living room.  Our lovely Pottery Barn charging station has lived on a black TV tray for years!  Yuck!
The other weekend I finally broke G down and he let me get the small cabinet!!

If you live in a city with Nadeau, definitely go check it out.  Your house and wallet will thank-you!


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