Monday, August 5, 2013


Mon, July 29th2mile walk with Molly – feeling much better from my bought of food poisoning, but now I a little crazy about making sure my food is cook thoroughly and pasteurized.  Yes, this is crazy, but after a night like I had, I am okay with crazy for the last 6 weeks of cooking this baby!
I have also started to do more arm weights with my 5 and 10lb weights.  This momma doesn’t need saggy arms!

Tues, July 30th1.65mile walk in the morning with Molly and then swimming in the afternoon.
1000yards in the pool.
Workout –
2x {100 free, 100, back, 100kick}
7x50 – 2 free on 1min, 2 back on 1min, 3 kick on 1:15
50free warm-down

Wed, July 31strest/off/busy work day/pick G up from the airport
Thurs, Aug 1st2.07mile walk with Molly and G and then more arms!
Fri, Aug 2ndearly morning walk, 1.64miles with Molly and lots more arms.
Sat, Aug 3rd3mile morning walk with Molly and a few arm exercises.
Sun, Aug 4thAnother 3mile early morning walk with Molly and then cleaning/organizing 3 of our main closets.  I still need to tackle the nursery closet….


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