Sunday, August 14, 2011

I want that 26.2 sticker!

and a sticker that says "I am reconsider this marathon thing!"

I had some technical difficulty with my alarm Saturday morning and didn't wake up until after 6am. Doesn't sound late, but I wanted to start my run at 6am. You know that awful feeling you have after missing your alarm? I had that. Not a good thing if you are about to run 20miles. So I decided to go back to bed and instead walk to yoga at 9am. Great idea!
I walked 1.59miles and had a great yoga practice!

Sunday, August 14th - Yes, I did 20 miles in and out of the rain! My shoes were soaked and squeaking. I was soaked from sweating. It was a little rough after mile 17, but I made it! I did stop at a port-a-potty twice and at 10.3miles at my car to refuel with liquids and eat sports beans. I did stop my watch when I stopped, so the elapse time was 3hr 33min. My running time was 3:00.06!
Splits -
Mile 1 - 8:43
Mile 2 - 8:19
Mile 3 - 8:45
Mile 4 - 8:52
Mile 5 - 8:40
Mile 6 - 8:50
Mile 7 - 8:52
Mile 8 - 9:06
Mile 9 - 9:06
Mile 10 - 8:51
Mile 11 - 9:06
Mile 12 - 9:06
Mile 13 - 9:12
Mile 14 - 9:07
Mile 15 - 8:51
Mile 16 - 8:58
Mile 17 - 9:11
Mile 18 - 9:19
Mile 19 - 9:32
Mile 20 - 9:29

My knees are feeling a little sore today. Hopefully, tomorrow will be all right!
Running girls - I need some confidence advice. I have no confidence that I will be able to finish the run without walking miles. Help!


  1. Congrats on finishing the 20 miler! Keep your chin up girl... you'll rock that race. Just think, you'll have more training completed plus the adrenaline of the day. Also if you have to walk a little, you do. Better to take a short walk break and run strong. Most importantly, just get across that finish line! I know you can do it!!

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with Suzanne!!! I have never completed one without walking, and sometimes the walk break it worth it --it lets your body take a break from the beating.
    You'll cross the finish line - you'll have over 1,000,000 of your closest friends cheering you on!
    The good news is that you can tell yourself this: "Only a 10k to go... that's nothing!"