Friday, August 12, 2011

Some more workout updates

Sunday, August 7th - Sleep in day, so I did some stretching and an easy run in the evening. Wanted to stretch out my legs.
2.56miles in 22:21 - 9:04, 8:30, and the last 0.56miles @ 8:33pace.
Nice run!

Monday, August 8th - Boot camp with The Boot Camp Girl!
The temps have lowered (high 80s, low 90s), so we were able to do our mile run which I did in 7:19. I did 33 push-ups (on my knees because of some pain in my left elbow) in 2min and 5min of planks. The rest of class was cardio work with bands. It was hard! I stayed for the advanced class where we did 3 x 5 x {50sec on, 10sec rest} of dead man burpees, push-up -> roll on the ground 360deg -> push-up, speed sumo squats, knee tuck abs, and then prisoner get-ups. I was soaked after! Great workout!

Tuesday, August 9th - Another interval/tempo marathon training run. 15min warm-up, 6 x {3min @7:30, 2min easy}, 10min easy.

15min - 1st mile 8:55, 0.69mile @8:53 pace.
6 x {0.39miles @ 7:30
0.41miles @ 7:25
0.41miles @7:18
0.41miles @7:18
0.42miles @7:10
0.43miles @7:00}
10min - 1st mile 8:33, 0.24mile @8:33pace.

Total distance 6.01miles.
I guess I get better as I warm-up!

Wednesday, August 10th - Unplanned off day. Our AC had broken on Saturday and was going to be fixed this afternoon. Because I was at the mercy of the AC guy, so I cancelled my spot the boot camp girl. My body was really sore from the week, so it probably was a good day off to let my body recover.

Thursday, August 11th - Repeat of the 20min easy, 20min @8min pace, and 10min easy warm-down.
Splits -
20min easy run - 1st mile @8:39, 2nd mile @9:16, 0.23miles @9:10 pace
20min fast! - 1st mile @7:55, 2nd mile @7:50, 0.55miles @7:46pace
15min easy run - 1st mile @8:25, 0.82miles @8:20

Total distance - 6.60miles!

Friday, August 12th - off/rest day in preparation for the 20miles I plan on doing tomorrow. The route is 10miles, so I will be able to stop at my car and get food, fluids, and refill my water bottle. Wish me luck!

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