Sunday, August 21, 2011

Saturday's long run

Saturday, August 20th - So I am following a modified training plan from Women's Running Magazine (March/April 2011) and Run Less Run Faster and the plan for this weekend was 8mile warm-up, 5miles at marathon pace (8:15). Next weekend is supposed to be 22miles, but I am doing a 10mile race on Sunday, so I thought I would switch the runs around. 22miles this weekend, then substitute the 8+5miles for the 10mile race next weekend. Sounds good. My training plan has 3-20 mile runs with the longest run being the 22miles.

I talked to a few of my running friends (thanks Amanda, Suzanne, Kerry, and Erin) about my plan and they all said it was a bad idea, I even got some OMG facial expressions! Since I did 18miles two weeks ago and 20 miles last weekend, this weekend needed to be a step down. Not a step up. These ladies have run multiple marathons and even an ultra-marathon, so I decided to listen to them. Sort of!

As I drove to the running location, I was thinkine one 10mile loop would be a good start and I would see how I felt about continuing. Still not on board with the idea of not doing 22 miles. After about 4miles and my knees not feeling that great, I was leaning more and more to the idea of just one loop. But then I would be missing two runs - the 8+5 and the 22. What if I did the 8+5 now? Great idea. I wasn't going fast, so the 4miles was within the 8mile warm-up training plan. I did do the 8+5 run! And it was great. I felt great, felt great after, have some confidence, and am happy with my decision!

I even finished in time to make it to outdoor yoga. I walked there and back (1.45miles), so it was a great cool-down and after run stretching workout. Since my legs were sore, yoga was hard and I really felt it. It was also the last class for the summer :( since they are closing the area off for the Grand Prix race over Labor Day weekend. I went to a handful of class this summer and enjoyed all of them! Thanks Charm City Yoga!

On to the splits -
13.1 miles in 1:52.22 with an elapse time of 1:57.10 - did have to stop at the bathroom once! The water just goes straight through me!
Mile 1 - 9:00
Mile 2 - 8:59
Mile 3 - 9:12 - really feeling tired and mentally down about the run - got to get back into it!
Mile 4 - 8:47
Mile 5 - 8:37
Mile 6 - 8:54
Mile 7 - 8:40
Mile 8 - 8:42
Mile 9 - 8:12 - Start of marathon pace running - I didn't take a walk break before starting this, just got right into it!
Mile 10 - 8:07
Mile 11 - 8:04
Mile 12 - 8:10
Mile 13 - 8:05
0.1 miles with a pace of 7:38

Happy about all of this!
Sunday was a nice rainy rest day.


  1. So glad you lowered the mileage this week! Looks like a strong run. :)