Thursday, August 4, 2011

Master bedroom After!

All done!

GAH's dad is going to install crown molding, which I think will make the room look prefect! After that, all we need is some artwork - I really want to get something sort of matchy-matchy to put on either side of the TV cabinet. Maybe move the artwork from the hallway....right colors and opposites. Might look cool?!

But then that leaves the hallway bare. Hummm....

If you have been keeping track, I have now painted the master bedroom, guest bedroom, office, hallway, and dining room. Busy girl!! All that is left is the living room. It is going to be the same paint as the hallway and dining room and I already have the paint. We also bought the curtains from Ikea, so I am set. Like always, the hardest part will be the prep work!
I might also paint the bathrooms, but we will see about that.


1 comment:

  1. Looks GREAT, E!!! I think the art from the hallway would be perfect, and you could put up to large wedding or travel pics in the hallway.... :)