Thursday, August 18, 2011

More workout updates

Monday, August 15th - Boot Camp with Stephanie - Since this was the day after the 20miler, I decided to take it easy. The mile run was 8:52. We did diamond push-up for 2min (basically make your hands in the shape of a diamond and do a push-up) and 5min of the dynamic plank. August is bands month so we alternated bands strength with cardio the rest of class. I did stay for the advanced class where we did more cardio stuff and buns of steel!! It hurts so good.

Tuesday, August 16th - More marathon training...
15min warm-up - 1mile @8:48, 0.72miles @ 8:40
6 x {3min @ 7:30 pace, 2 min easy}
1st set - 0.38miles @ 7:45
2nd set - 0.42miles @ 7:12
3rd set - 0.4 miles @ 7:27
4th set - 0.4miles @ 7:33
5th set - 0.41miles @ 7:23
6th set - 0.43miles @ 7:03
10min warm-down - 1mile @8:30, 0.24miles @ 8:34

Total time was 55:36 for a distance of 6miles.

Wednesday, August 17th - Boot Camp with Stephanie
Mile run - 6:40! Pretty good. I want to break 6:30 next week....
33 push-ups in 2min and 5min plank.
Again we did bands with a mix of cardio and finished the class with buns of steel! My buns hurt!

Thursday, August 18th - I was feeling tired this morning. I wanted to run during the easy parts, but decided to walk instead. Kind of lame, but I am okay with it!
15min warm-up - 1mile @9:09 and 0.65miles @ 9:03 - very slow warm-up for me.
5 x {5min @8min pace, 2min easy}
1st set - 0.62miles @ 8:01
2nd set - 0.63miles @ 7:54
3rd set - 0.63 miles @ 7:55
4th set - 0.63miles @ 7:57
5th set - 0.64miles @ 7:48
10min warm-down - 1mile @8:46 and 0.29miles @8:08 - what?!?!

Felt good once I got started. The weather is starting to cool down, which makes running so much better!

Friday, August 19th - off day! You know I have no motivation to work out on Fridays!

Saturday - another long run.....


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