Friday, July 27, 2012


My foot surgery was yesterday and it went well. 
We left for the clinic ~5:30am and I was out of there by 9am.  The Dr said it went well and he expects a full recovery.

Sort of on the bad side - I am on "bed rest" until my first follow up appointment August 9th.  I was hoping to be back at work on the 6th.  Oh well.  At that appointment, my stitches will be removed and we will talk about my recovery plan.  After that appointment, I am heading straight home for a stand-up, long, hot shower!  The bath things leaves me feeling less than clean!
Haven't seen what is under there yet...

Bruise on my leg from the tourniquet.

I do have to say thank-you to my wonderful husband!  He has been a great help and didn't complain at all yesterday when we went to get my Rx filled and the pharmacy wouldn't fill them because the Dr forgot to sign the form! 
Since one was for Percocet (a heavily regulated narcotic), the Dr can't call it in, so G had to drive back to the Drs. office and get the forms signed.  He said it was fast and everyone was super apologetic, but I feel bad that he had to make the extra trip.  The Drs. office called later to apologize, which is nice, but one would think they would have their stuff together!  Thanks G!  Appreciate ya!

Things have been crazy busy at home, so some time to relax will be nice.  I can catch-up on a few things - knitting my pillows for the office, painting the wooden letter, studying for the PMP, catching up on the blog, posting family photos on facebook, you know things you want to do, but then life gets in the way.

Hope all is well in your lives!

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