Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More rugs

So my dream rug listed in this post is on backorder :(  I contacted the company and they might have it in stock this month.  So far, no luck.

I saw this rug in the Pottery Barn catalog and think it looks like a pretty substitute -

But it also is on backorder until October!  Boo
On the plus side, they can send me a rug swatch, for $25, at 18" x 18" I think it will be a good investment and help me really figure out what I want in the room. 

The painting is on hold and will be until ~September, so a backordered rug isn't that big of a deal....

We did get the chair back!  And I love it!  Gus loves it too and you can usually find her sleeping on it.  Well on the protective cover.  I am not letting them near the real thing until the room is finished and I have taught them it isn't a scratching post!
Sorry for the iphone picture.  I will take some better ones soon.

I am also knitting a lumbar pillow for the chair.  Originally, I wanted to make a monogram pillow, but the yarn selection wasn't inspiring for that project.  Maybe later.  We found this yarn and thought the colors would all look good together. 
About half way done with one side of the pillow!

My knitting teacher/co-worker wants me to make garmets!  Right now, I'll stick to scarfs, pillows, and baby toys!

What home improvements/craft projects have you been up to?


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