Saturday, February 15, 2014

My life hacks!

This week YHL posted about their pantry and mentioned their "artfully jumbled pile of bags!"  My suggestion (I think I read it in Real Simple magazine 5+ years ago) put plastic bags in an empty kleenex box - one at a time so you can pull them out individually!

This works great for us!  We use the bags for litter cleanup and on walks with Molly.

The next life hack is essential oil - peppermint oil.  We use this in the shower.  Just a few drops on the shower floor at the beginning of the shower and you will perk right up!  This is the best when you have a cold or are just not feeling great.  The label says you can add it to a bath - a few drops in a cup of cold water, then add it to the bath.  I have tried it a few times and it sucks!!  The peppermint burns and you feel cold no matter the water temperature.  Definitely want to skip this!

Fun with my new lens - 85mm, f1.8

What life hacks to you have??

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