Thursday, February 13, 2014

Baby P's art wall

This wall has formed organically - a piece here, a piece there.  The placement isn't perfect and there are numerous tutorials on pinterest on how to layout a collage of pictures.  I'll try that in the next house since I think we are done!  I say that until we go to another craft show....  Regardless I like it!

The pillow is from Crate and Barrel after Christmas sale.  Not a perfect fit, but I like the colors for the room.  It actually looks better on the grey chair in the opposite corner.

The clock is set to the time P was born.  2:50.

My 2 favorite latest additions.  The turtle was a birthday card I received this past year!

I got this during the summer.  We had a boys name picked out since February!  The girls name was still under debate.  Good thing baby was a boy!

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