Monday, February 17, 2014


Mon, Feb 10thLazy!!  Pretty busy day at work and preparing for the next snow storm (not really -  we didn’t do any extra preparation)!!
Tues, Feb 11th2.03 mile walk with baby P during a let up in the sleet.  I did also do 200abs and 25 push-ups.
Wed, Feb 12th  Snowed in!!  The weather was awful, so we were actually stuck in the house all day.  I did do 200abs and arms with 5 and 10lb weights.
Thurs, Feb 13th2mile walk in the melting snow and ice!  And I did arms with 5 and 10lb weights, 200 abs, and 25 push-ups – got to get bathing suit ready!
Fri, Feb 14th – Happy Valentine’s Day!!
Sat, Feb 15thTurns out I have a sinus infection and am on amoxicillin, so taking a running break and instead walked 2.10miles with the family.
Sun, Feb 16thStill feeling a little under the weather and lots of mucus, so baby P and I walked 3miles, did 200 abs, 25 push-ups, and arms with 5 and 10lb weights. Hoping to feel better tomorrow and get back into running.


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