Monday, May 16, 2011

Last weeks workout review

Sorry for the lack of posts. I was going to write one but blogger was down:( and then life happened.

Sunday, May 8th - off/rest day! It was a nice lazy day full of Water for Elephants, dinner with my Aunt and Uncle, and then hockey! Love the Red Wings!!

Monday, May 9th - boot camp with Stephanie. I am trying to work on increasing my plank time, so I passed on the mile run.
32 push-ups in 2 min.
10min plank!
Then we did lots of walking lunges, step-ups on a park bench, and calf raises. My legs felt like mush the next day!

Tuesday, May 10th - Bikram yoga! I decided to walk to class. 90min of hot yoga and 3.37miles of walking. Great workout, but very tired.

Wednesday, May 11th - boot camp with Stephanie.
34 push-ups in 2min
~4ish min of plank - I was playing with different positions and just stopped when the last person was done.
1 mile run - 6:55!!! This is my best mile time! Very exciting.
We did some compact chains with 10lb weights. I did 10 reps -> 8 reps.
3min of 5 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, 15 fast squats. My best is 3 sets and 5 push-ups. This time I did 3 sets, 5 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, and 1 fast squats. Improvement!!

Thursday, May 12th - Run day. It was really hot, so I had a few walk breaks. I did stop my watch during the breaks. I did 4.42 miles in 35:12.
Splits -
Mile 1 - 7:53
Mile 2 - 7:59
Mile 3 - 7:57
Mile 4 - 8:03
Last 0.42 had a pace of 7:51.
It didn't feel as good as the times are. Need to work on this.
After I "coached" the beginning running work.
We did 3 min easy run, 3 min walk, 3 x {6min run, 3min walk}, and then walk back to our cars. We did 3.30 miles in 44:21. Pretty good!

Friday, May 13th - off/rest day! I needed it.

Saturday, May 14th - We had an early wedding, so I just took Molly for a walk. 1.75 miles in 31:04. We did a lot of eating and drinking, so Sunday turned into an off/rest day!

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