Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Bed

When we were looking at paint colors for the guestroom we noticed that the bed had some mold growing on it! Gross!! I have never seen GAH act so quickly. The bed was in the carport with in minutes!
We went searching the internet for deals on mattresses with cheap delivery fees. We checked out and found a bed with great reviews, in our price range, and shipping was $1! Yes, $1. Very exciting.
The reviews said the mattress comes rolled up like a burrito and takes a few minutes (some said days) to fully expand. Intriguing. GAH was home to receive the package and took some cell phone camera shots. Kind of neat! Yes, we are a little nerdy!
It took only a few minutes to fully expand. I did take a nap on it and slept on it one night. For a guest bed, that gets little use, it seems perfect!

Enjoy the pics!

In the box.

Rolled up tightly!

Not sure about this...

Ah! Looks comfy.

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