Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I am painting the inside of our house. I finished the guest bedroom and the office in the last two weeks. It was a lot of prep work and really waiting for paint to dry before the next step!
I am very happy with how everything came out.
The office was a yellow baby's room before GAH bought the house and we decided to keep it yellow. GAH had the 8 color crayon box growing up, so we have a small pallet to work with!
On a side note - the master bedroom is tan and cream colored which matches our light brown and red bedding. GAH is campaigning for red instead of the tan! Have to think about that more...

On to the before and prep pictures -
The walls were full of holes and painted over pealed paint, so we had lots of mud work...

The blue chair is the only chair the cats are allowed to scratch (GAH would like it to be noted that they scratch other furniture)! It is disgusting (reason for the blanket), but it serves a purpose.I did hang up our diplomas and we still need window treatments. Previously there were metal mini blinds and drop cloth type curtains - GROSS! Any suggestions??


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  1. Your house is looking good Elaissa! Painting is hard work :) Hmm... window treatments... always a tough call. Home depot has the imitation plantation shutters which are simple with clean lines. I usually just scour the internet and copy something I like.