Monday, May 9, 2011

Red Paint

As you know, I am slowly painting the inside of our house. 2 rooms done! Dining room, living room, hallway, and Master bedroom are left to do. We originally pick "cappuccino" for the dining room (it has Wainscoting that is white and will get a fresh coat of "cream"), hallway (chair rail will also be "cream" with cappuccino above and below), and living room (no chair rail or Waisscoting).

But what about the Master? Currently it is a brown and white (like our guest bedroom) and we had picked out "peanut butter" to paint it. After talking to my in-laws the recommendation is that we need a color besides brown in the Master, especially since the other rooms are colorful. My parents, really wouldn't be much help with colors, since every wall in their house is white-white!! Granted, the house is old and has plaster walls instead of drywall, I think it looks very nice with the hardwood floors. Colored walls wouldn't fit the age of the house. I digress.

MIL suggested red! Our bedding has red flowers on it - just small accents, which you can see from the picture. She suggested taking a the sham to Home Depot and color matching the red. The bedding is Martha Stewart, so we might be able to find a paint chip online...

We do have cranberry colored and chocolate brown sheets that we rotate. So red walls might look good. GAH thinks the whole wall should be red. I am not on board with that. Fortunately, we don't have any "empty" walls. Two walls have large bedroom furniture on them (cherry wood), the other has the bed, and the last has 4 large closet doors, so the red shouldn't be too overwhelming.

What are you thoughts on our plan? Any advice about red paint??

The next paint project is going to be the hallway and dining room, so you have plenty of time to let me know your thoughts about red paint! and for me to post some before pics.




  1. Don't do it!!! Red paint is the worst to get coverage with and to paint over. Get red curtains if you must. Or a red area rug. If you want to change your bedding, you'll be stuck with red. Our guest room has 3 beige walls and a chocolate wall at the head board. You could do something like that. Or a chocolate bottom half below a chair rail and a cream upper.

  2. I love red but probably wouldn't do a whole room maybe just an accent wall? It is a pain to paint - I had my brother do our red wall since he had some painting background but it still took several coats and I wouldn't want to paint over it :)