Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dining room and hallway

And the painting continues....I painted the hallway and the dining room. Which again included installing new switches, new 3-way switches, new GFI outlets, new register vents, new curtains, and of course Arti getting into the paint. At one point she walked on the top of the paint can.....
and laid against the wet baseboard.....Needless to say we had a love/hate relationship while I was painting!

Now on to the before -After....
Yes, that is a framed piece of construction paper Arti walked on, after walking on the paint can. Got to love her!

Yes, there is still blue tape on that window - I broke the pane while trying to close the window!

Making the house a home!
Now all that is left is the living/TV room and our bedroom. The living room is going to be the same brown paint as the dining room and hallway. Our bedroom....I'll leave that for another post!



  1. What's this color called? It's nice. I like your curtains. I wanted the more colorful version but got a hearty veto. C'est la vie.

  2. The place looks great! Your hard work paid off for sure.