Thursday, June 16, 2011

Workout update - better

Monday, June 13th - Boot camp
I did the regular hour long class and then the "advanced" 21min routine after. It was hard and fun.
34 push-ups in 2min
5min plank
7:13min mile

I pushed myself, but not too hard. Still a little worried about the effects of Saturday's run. Out of curoisity I checked myself on the scale - down 2 lbs from a week ago. I really hadn't changed my diet, so I think it was the cookies and other fluids I lost. Kind of gross.

Tuesday, June 14th - 1st official marathon training workout! My marathon isn't until the end of October, but working backwards and taking into account vacations, this is the 1st week of my marathon training. My plan is one long run a week and two tempo type runs a week. As well as 2 cross training days, which will probably be boot camp. I am following a training plan from a women's running magazine and Run Less, Run Faster. For the 1/2, I had a hard time doing the track workouts, so I am substituting them with tempo runs from the magazine article.

Today was 10min warm-up
4 x (5min @ 8:00min/mile pace, 2min easy - translated to walk)
10min easy

I picked the 8min/mile pace, since Saturdays run was such a disaster. I needed something to build my confidence. I also ran before work, so it was cool. Me likely!!
I did 5.24miles in 48min.

Splits -
10min - 1.17miles (1st miles was pace of 8:33, 0.17 had a pace of 8:54)
1st - 4:56min - 0.62miles at 7:58 pace, 2min walk at 19:43 pace
2nd - 5:00min - 0.63miles at 8:00 pace, 2min walk at 19:11 pace
3rd - 4:59min - 0.62miles at 8:04 pace, 2min walk at 19:38 pace
4th - 5:00min - 0.64miles at 7:51 pace, 2min walk at 20:33 pace
10min - 1.16miles (1st miles was pace of 8:34, 0.17 had a pace of 8:45)

I am happy with this. It felt good, which is something I have missed. It didn't feel like I had done 5 miles. Yeah for me!!

Weight - still down 2lbs....

Wednesday, June 15th - Boot camp
34 push-ups in 2 min
10min of planks! A guy in class decided he wanted to challenge me on the plank after we had gotten to 5min. My best time is 21min! Sure I'll take you on! I lost. I told my friend next to me, I am only staying up 10min. It was his best time! I'll help push others to do their best anytime.
On the run, another challenge - this girl and I have almost the same name. I have two "a"s in my name she doesn't. We are just about the same speed and she likes to race me, which makes me faster. Today, we both got our best time!! 6:49! Pretty impressed since my feet were still tingly from the plank and I had a slow start. Starting to like running again!

Thursday, June 16th - Run day. Since I have a 10mile race/training run on Saturday, I decided to shorten/take it a little easy on this mornings run. I repeated the pick-up run -> 3miles then
6x{30sec fast, 35sec walk recovery} with some of the pick-ups being up hill!
Total distance was 4.06miles
Splits -
Mile 1 - 8:30
Mile 2 - 8:51
Mile 3 - 8:34
1st PU - 0.07miles with pace of 6:50
2nd PU - 0.07miles with pace of 7:07
3rd PU - 0.08miles with pace of 6:29
4th PU - 0.06miles with pace of 7:59 - hello hills and tired legs!
5th PU - 0.06miles with pace of 8:46 (actually 29secs)
6th PU - 0.06miles with pace of 8:05
Last 0.43miles was at 8:14 pace.

Pretty happy with this. My legs were tired and the hills were hard. I am still down the 2lbs from the weekend. Maybe started a good trend to get to my goal number!!

Friday is an off day. Saturday is the race. One of my goals is to not repeat last year's cookie tossing after the race. Good times!!


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