Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bedroom paint colors

I posted before that we were thinking about red paint for the master bed room. We did get some swatches of colors we liked and hung them up next to the furniture. The colors are pretty, but it wasn't going to work. Everything would blend together.
So on to the next idea.
A friend suggested olive green. Ok.
On my daily trip to the Depot, I grabbed tons of color samples to bring home. We picked three colors we liked and I bought samples. The greens are nice, but we are not jazzed about them.
We are not trying to match the bathroom!You can see the red swatches on the mirror....total blend.
I am thinking about red/cranberry fabric for the curtain??

I did get a brown/grey color that matches a color in our bed spread and I like it the best.
Bedspread reminder....
Arti follows me around the house!

GAH isn't too sure about it since the main part of the house is brown and the other bedrooms are fun colors. He thinks it might be too boring.
Newly painted hallway on left and master on the right with the swatch that matches the bedspread - darker flowers to the left of Arti's leg in the previous picture.
More hallway and swatch.

What do you think?? We might look into some sort of shade of yellow or gray as the next idea. I still have to start and finish the living room before attacking the master!
Let me know what you think!

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  1. LOL! I've never seen that many swatches outside of Lowe's!