Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Quick update

Sunday, June 5th - Long run day
Because of our schedules, we meet at 6pm. It was 83deg, but it felt hotter!
We did it in 1:26:05
Splits -
Mile 1 - 8:33
Mile 2 - 8:29
Mile 3 - 8:19
Mile 4 - 8:19
Mile 5 - 8:17
Mile 6 - 9:01 - part of this mile was trail running on large rocks. My feet are very sore.
Mile 7 - 8:56 - more rocks
Mile 8 - 8:51
Mile 9 - 8:32
Mile 10 - 8:45 - this was a junk mile run, just trying to get mileage and running pretty much in circles. We need to plan better.

Monday, June 6th - Boot camp with Stephanie! She started an "advanced" class before the regular one. Advanced = non-stop exercises. It was hard, but it hurts so good.
We did 21 minutes of - 3 x {7 exercises each for 50sec, with 10sec rest} with the goal that you do the same or more reps each round. I was soaked after and I still had an hr left of "regular" boot camp!
One of the girls in the class had a goal of running better than an 8min miles. My legs were mush, it was hot, and I wasn't mentally prepared to sprint the mile, so I offered to pace with her! According to my GPS watch we finished in 7:53, but according to Stephanie's course we were 8:09. I am going to go with my watch on this, so my friend gets her goal!!
After we went inside and did some band work, more of the routine we did during the "advanced" class, abs, 2 min of diamond push-ups (I did 23 and was on my knees), and then 5min of plank. I am tired!

Tuesday's plan is to walk to Bikram yoga.

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