Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Back pain

Back update - I am now a walking pharmacy!

Sunday - went to Urgent Care and got a predinsone shot, methocarbamol (muscle relaxer), and hydrocodone (for pain). Not much relief and the hydrocodone messed with my head causing me to cry uncontrollably. I just kept thinking how worthless I was because of the pain and that I couldn't do anything. I hate feeling out of control and having G do everything for me. Dang meds!!

Tuesday - went to a back/pain specialist. He is sending me out for an MRI and gave me - methylprednisolone - 6 day treatment, cyclobenzaprine - muscle relaxer, and tramadol for pain.
I also found that I have 14deg curvature in my back. The Dr said this should have been corrected when I was a kid. Great! He also said that since I am an adult, anything over 20deg is worrisome. I just need to have an annual check-up to monitor the curvature. I wonder if I can schedule my annual lady exam, annual back check, and annual skin cancer screening all in one day! I need a one stop shop!
Fortunately, I haven't found the lady Dr or the dermatologist, so maybe I can find good ones in same hospital complex as the back Dr.


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