Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More workout updates

Monday, Nov 14th – I had a bad night of sleeping, so when the alarm went off, I rolled over and set it for another hour! No workout today :)

Tuesday, Nov 15th – I am just trying to keep in shape and meet the 1000 mile marker for the year! Instead of just straight runs, I am going to repeat so of my marathon week-day training runs.

20min easy warm-up – 8:51, 8:25, and 0.33miles @8:16 pace.

6 x {2min hard, 2min easy}

1st – 0.27miles @7:22

2nd – 0.26miles @7:46

3rd – 0.26miles @7:41

4th – 0.27miles @7:26

5th – 0.27miles @7:19

6th – 0.26miles @7:38

10min easy warm-down – 8:20 and 0.5miles @8:24pace

I ended up doing 6.05 miles.

My legs were tired, it was humid, warm for November @7am, and some of the hard 2min were in a very hilly neighborhood! Fun times!

Wednesday, Nov 16th - Tired. Molly decided to freak out barking in the middle of night, which meant I didn't sleep well. My back was also bothering me - think it is related to my monthly "friend!" Continue reading to see that the pain is much more serious...

Thursday, Nov 17th - Still not feeling that great, but I need to keep my mileage up for the 1000 mile goal. I was supposed to do a 15min warm-up, 2x{10min @8min, 3min easy}, and 10min warm-down. Instead I just did an easy 4 mile run.

Splits -

Mile 1 - 9:02

Mile 2 - 8:39

Mile 3 - 8:19

Mile 4 - 8:25

Total - 4miles in 34:21.

Friday, Nov 18th - Busy day at work, so we only had time to take Molly for a 1.62 mile walk. Later that night we froze our butts off at BBQ cook-off competition that was an hour away. G didn't tell me all the details, so I felt a little hoodwinked! It was fun. I would try it again in warmer weather.

Saturday, Nov 19th - I needed to run 8+ miles to have my weekly total at 18+ miles, the min amount I need to run each week for the rest of the year to get to 1000 miles!

This run felt okay, but I also felt out a shape. Weird.

Splits -

Mile 1 - 9:09

Mile 2 - 8:31

Mile 3 - 8:32

Mile 4 - 8:30

Mile 5 - 8:43

Mile 6 - 8:56

Mile 7 - 8:54

Mile 8 - 8:46

0.5miles @8:54

total - 8.5 miles in 1:14.31

Sunday, Nov 20th - I was going to walk Molly, but my back was killing me. I have no idea what I did. It had been bothering me off and on all week, but this was unbearable. I tried all the home remedies - ice, hot, Epson salt bath, advil and nothing helped. G suggested that I go to the Dr. on Monday. I remembered that there is an Urgent Care Clinic around the corner and they are open on Sundays! The Dr thinks I have a pinched nerve and gave me a prednisone shot in the hip! I also got a muscle relaxer - methocarbamol and pain meds - hydrocodone. The shot started to help a little bit with in a few minutes.

Monday, Nov 21st - No workout. I could barely get out of bed. The pain was awful and the hydrocodone was making me sad. I just started crying and felt totally worthless. The info from the pharmacy said the "Hydrocodone works in the brain to change how your body feels and responds to pain." Scary!! The pain was so bad, I called around and found a back and pain specialist that can see me tomorrow! Hopefully, I can get better meds, a diagnosis, and a treatment plan.

I spent most of the day on the couch with ice and a heating pad. Sucky :(

Tuesday, Nov 22nd - Feeling better. I actually could get out of bed and not worry about collapsing because of the pain. My Drs appointment is later today....

I have the 10k Turkey Trot on Thursday. Pretty sure I am going to miss that:(

Hope you all are have a great Thanksgiving week!


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