Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Living room

After we got back from Europe, I painted the last room in our house, the living room. Since this room opens up to the dining room, we used the same Martha Stewart Cappuccino paint.
We added new curtains from Ikea - I hemmed them and added ribbon trim, hung new artwork, and made new throw pillows for the couch. I am very happy with how it all came out!
The house is now our home :)

Before images -

We were thinking about adding an accent wall since G thought the curtains would blend too much. The new curtain is on the left (tied up since Arti liked to play in them before they were hemmed), the old one is on the right. G bought them when we were dating and we both didn't know how long they needed to be. I have hated them for a long time!

After -

My MIL made the pillows for me and my BFF picked out the floral fabric. The only thing I did was buy the zippers and pick out the polka dot fabric. Thanks ladies!! I loved them! Nice pops of color.

Obviously, we didn't paint an accent wall. After buying ~6 different paint samples and not liking any, we gave up. I saw the idea for the ribbon trim in Better Homes and Gardens magazine. I love grosgrain ribbon and this brings in a little detail. Love it!

We also have a new ceiling fan light fixture to install. If you noticed one of the lamp shades is missing. G broke it when we moved into the house years ago. We have searched the internet high and low and haven't been able to find replacement lamp shades. The ones on the light have a "spider" fitting - similar to a table lamp, the only shades we could find snap over the bulb.
The new light has a mosaic glass light cover (no exposed bulbs!) in brown and red colors! Home Depot was selling all their floor models and we go a $250 light for $65 and it came with a remote control, so no ugly hanging pull strings!

We also bought some new artwork for the hallway and moved the red and black pictures into the bedroom.
Looks great! I am very happy with all the rooms!

So I lied about the living room being the last room to paint. I painted the hall bathroom cappuccino. It either needed a total remodel or just a fresh coat of paint. We are too busy for a remodel, so paint it was! The master bathroom could also use a fresh coat of paint...maybe later!

I hope you have enjoyed the 2011 transformation of our house!

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