Monday, November 7, 2011

First week in November workout update

This is going to be a sad post, since I didn't really do anything last week! Rest and recovery! My training book, said take at least a week off after your marathon. Then slowly get back into it. It you have any pain, back off and let your body rest. Yes Sir!!

Monday, Oct 31st - Happy Halloween!! Yes, I was sore. Yes, I walked very slow and looked like an old person. The worst part is sitting for awhile then getting up. All your muscles get tight again and it hurts to move. I did walk with my 3 year old nephew as he trick or treated. He was just my speed!

Tuesday, Nov 1st - Welcome November!! My favorite month of the year! So many birthdays, beautiful colors, warm blankets, and tasty food! Love it!!
I only need pilates core challenge, skipping anything that forced extra weight on my legs.

Wednesday, Nov 2nd - Starting to feel better and very thankful that we have a Ranch style house!
I did a modified bootcamp workout -
2min of pushups on my knees - 40
5min of plank
23 min of 30sec fast exercise, 35sec of active rest. I use 10lb weight and did all the exercises on my back - abs and arms.
To finish up the workout, a 1.66 mile walk with Molly.

Thursday, Nov 3rd - I did the complete pilates core challenge video and some stretching!

Friday, Nov 4th - Does walking the mall count?! The day got away from me and Fridays I am so tired, I didn't do anything when I got home. Lazy girl!! On a positive note, my legs stopped hurting and I can walk down stairs like a normal person!

Saturday, Nov 5th - 3mile walk with Molly and 300+ abs!!

Sunday, Nov 6th - Off day. We did do lots of little projects around the house and I treated myself to a long hot bubble bath!!


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