Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fence update


Not exactly what we thought it would look like!

We contracted with our lawn service to add to the fence to prevent Molly from digging under the fence.  G met with our lawn service and told them what we wanted.  It was going to be railroad-ties with large bolts holding the boards down.  I guess "railroad-ties" has different meanings!

We do have 1 semi-major problem with this - the boards block the door!  Who does that??  We will fix that soon.
We also think it is U-G-L-Y! 

Tentative plan -
1. Make a 5'x7' garden box near the house using one of the boards as an anchor for the box.

2. Add flowering bushes or transplant some monkey grass in front of the boards, to hide the ugliness!
3. Cleanup the yard waste on this side and make it look less like a jungle.

I like out yard guys and they do a wonderful job, but I wonder if I can tell them the boards are ugly and they need to try again?  If I was in charge, I would have cut the boards down to fit within each section and the board sat flush with the fence.  That way it would at least look somewhat nice and not willy-nilly.

We haven't been able to test Molly's digging ability yet.  Work days have been long and she needs to pass a few ~4hrs in the yard alone before I'll leave her out all day.  The joys of owning a dog!

We have a huge backyard!
What yard activities have you been up to?

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