Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday....


 Sandpaper tastes good!

 As I painted the house last year, Arti was always getting into trouble!

 She loves sitting in the kitchen window!

 I had to save something from our painting "adventures!"

 Everybody sleeping together while I painted.

 Our mattresses lived in the hallway for a week and Arti enjoyed a new sleeping spot!

"Quick, before they notice I am drinking/eating their cereal."

Arti to me - "You know I like fresh water."

 When is "mom" going to figure out that you can't leave water glasses around the house!
 "Please don't give this stuff away to Goodwill"

 "Velvet is nice!"

 "I need to get out of the house!  Take me to the dry cleaners!"

 "Please don't go out of town and leave me with Molly and Gus...."

 While the dogs away the cat sleeps on her bed!

The neighborhood cat comes to visit and Arti freaks out!

Arti/Chokie/tailed cat - we love you and you have made everyday exciting!
Happy 6th Birthday!
Love ya

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