Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekly workout wrap-up

Mon, May 14thRun day – Ha!  Woke up and was still tired, so I went back to sleep!  I did take Molly for a 3mile walk in the afternoon, did back exercises, and MABS – 180 sit-ups and 40 push-ups.

Tues, May 15thRun day make-up! 3.1 miles in 27:10.
Splits –
Mile 1 – 8:52
Mile 2 – 8:50
Mile 3 – 8:40
0.1 miles @ 8:13

And because I am crazy, I went to boot camp in the afternoon!  It was great and I was surprised that I didn’t feel too tired.

Wed, May 16thAnother run day!  4.38miles in 41:01.  My legs definitely felt tired.
10min warm-up – mile 1 @9:06 and 0.1miles at 9:00
3x {5min “fast” – 0.62miles @8:05, 0.6miles @8:17, 0.61miles @8:11
       2min walk recovery}
10min warm-down – mile 1 @8:53, 0.13miles @8:47

I was supposed to do MABS, but was short on time in the morning and forgot/was too tired to do them in the PM.  Opps!

Thurs, May 17th  Boot camp!  I got to class early and did some warm-up running with the instructor.  Cross training is fun!

Fri, May 18thMore boot camp!  Yes, this is my second Friday workout in a row.  I felt guilty for Monday, plus I had a donut and some ice cream on Thursday that I needed to work off :)  We did do some running towards the end of class ~1.6miles.  I have become a little bit of a running clothes brat – running in my cross training clothes was less than fun.

Sat, May 19thLong run day!  5miles in 45:34.
Splits –
Mile 1 – 9:07 – feeling very tired and my legs felt heavy
Mile 2 – 8:52
0.33miles @ 9:15
2min walk break – needed to get my breathing and heart rate under control.
1mile @ 8:34
1mile @8:49
0.58miles @8:56

Definitely feeling all this week’s workouts.  This was my longest run for the month!  My left leg (one that was bruised in the accident) doesn’t hurt and my left foot is okay.  It does start to feel hot and raw.  Not sure what to make of this.  The Dr said to give it 6weeks to see if we need to do more treatment.  Humm….

Cool-down was a 2mile was with Molly!  And I forgot to do MABS.  I’ll make it up on Sunday.

Sun, May 20thLots of house cleaning!  Molly and did do a 3.59mile walk and I did MABS x 2 – 180  and 190 sit-ups, 40 and 42 push-ups.


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