Saturday, May 19, 2012

Unexpected visit

My mom is coming to town for a few days!!  I am excited to see her but preparing for her visits are stressful!
A few years ago she came to visit and asked me if I dusted?  I dust.  Like once or twice a year.  She dusts every Sunday morning!

I am good about keeping the house neat - everything in it's place, beds made daily, clean sheets kept on the guest bed, fresh towels in the bathrooms, and all clothes are put away.  But regular cleaning has never really been on a regular schedule. 
I do clean the kitchen counter tops after every use, but sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning the bathrooms are at random intervals.  I usually sweep and vacuum a few times a week, with 2 cats, a dog, and my hair, I could do these tasks every day!  The bathrooms get a quick wipe down about once a week, but I leave the deep cleaning for the maid, who comes once a month. 
Dusting, still not on my radar!  And to be honest I haven't dusted since her last visit which was at Thanksgiving!!

So this weekend while be full of what I like to call "Mom prep!" 

My to-do list:
Vacuum (re-do this Monday night - vacuum cleaner liners are a nice touch!)
Sweep (re-do this Monday night)
Mop floors
Deep clean the bathroom (the maid comes the following week, darn!)
Wipe down the baseboards
Wipe down the chair rails - 75% of the house has chair rails!
Wipe down the window ledges
Run the lint roller over the curtains and couch
Clean sheets on the guest bed - I have slept there a few times in the last week
Wash - sheets, towels, floor mats, fur-protective blankets, and anything else that looks like it isn't clean
Empty all trash cans
Buy a new shower curtain liner for guest bathroom
Get car washed
DUST the bookshelves, mantel, pictures
Possibly wipe down the windows
Make sure that everything looks neat and in it's place
Clean up the cat litter
Make the office look presentable
Give Molly a bath
Brush the kitties to get off excess fur.  Giving them a bath is mean!
Clean/organize the shelves in the linen closet - it has gotten a little out of hand with "product" from The Body Shop groupons
Grocery store for bottled water, bananas (yuck!), and white wine
Paint the roses red!

What are you upto this weekend?  Any crazy cleaning for guests?

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