Saturday, June 23, 2012

House numbers!

We bought ceramic number tiles when we were in Barcelona with the plan of hanging them on the house.  It only took me ~8 months to get it done!

I wanted to come up with a way to hang them up in a non-permanent way.  We don't think this is our-forever-home, so I wanted to be able to take the tiles with me.  A souvenir of our trip and a keepsake from our first home!

I found the red frames at Ikea (bought in November) and used gorilla glue to glue the tiles to the frames plastic cover.  This was done in December!

I originally wanted to nail them to the wood base board in the carport, that required a nail gun and help from G or his dad.  I love them both, but helping me with tasks is not on the top of their list and I hate nagging!

They were put in a drawer collecting dust until the weekend before my mom came to visit last month!  She had asked if I had done anything with them..... Nope!  I guess I had a Young House Love - Dude get it done already moment and got it done!

They are attached together with fish line, hung on the flag post, and I used removable tacky gel to tack down the bottom frame to keep it all steady.

Can you see the kitty?

So far, everyone who has been at the house love it.  I am still not 100% sure that I love it, but it works for now!

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