Friday, June 22, 2012


Now that the paint and chair upholstery have been decided on, it is time to figure out the rug!
Reminder of the palette -

I like this room inspiration from Real Simple....

These are my top 3 favorite rugs.  The first one is my #1 choice, but it is the most expensive at $350.  Yes, it is the same rug from the inspiration room!


I like this, it is the cheapest, coming in at $89.  But it is listed as an indoor/outdoor rug, so I wonder if it will be rich enough for a office?

From Ballard Designs

With this rug, I wonder if it is too bold and would look strange in the room?!?
Sold at a few places, is the cheapest at ~$140.  I do have a  7% off coupon and could use ebates!

What do you think?  Which rug would you chose?  Is $350 for a 5x8" rug too much? 
I called a few places and they don't send swatches.  I really wish I could find them in-town to do a rug fashion show.  Humm...

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  1. I'm a fan of investing in good staples... and buying the things you love. If the rug makes the room, it's a good investment. You can accessorize economically but I think it's worth it for a couple good pieces. Plus in my experience, cheaper rugs don't hold up well. Looking good!