Sunday, June 24, 2012


WWW = weekly work-out wrap-up!!

Mon, June 18th The plan was to do 6miles – 2 easy, 3 @ 8:30, 1 easy.  The alarm went off and I felt like crap, so I went back to sleep.  Which probably wasn’t the best idea since the rest of the week threw me many curve balls.  If you physically feel good, get your butt out of bed and run! 
That night, I did take Molly for a 2mile walk and did JABS – 230 sit-ups and 50 push-ups.

Tues, June 19th Easy 3mile run in the morning and boot camp in the evening.
Splits –
Mile 1 – 9:01
Mile 2 – 8:54
Mile 3 – 8:41
0.1miles @8:30

total – 3.1miles in 27:29

Wed, June 20th Boot camp in the morning.  I felt good the first 45min and then I tweaked my back.  It hurt most of the day, so I took pain pills and muscle relaxers, which made me sleepy.  Not so much fun at work!

Thurs, June 21st Again the best laid plans.  Friday was my fluid injection and I wouldn’t be able to run over the weekend, so my plan was to do my 10mile run today.  I woke up still not feeling that great, so I decided not to run and took Molly for a 3mile walk.  I sort of did JABS that night – 230 sit-ups.  Push-ups put too much pressure on my lower back. 

At this point in the week, I was annoyed with myself for not running Monday morning since my weekly running total would be 3mile ;(  I should be ~20-25miles each week.  Annoying.

Fri, June 22nd Fluid injection scheduled for 8am, so I thought I could get up early and run 4miles in the dark.  It was a little too dark, so I decided to do NTC, JABS – 230 sit-ups, and lots of back stretching.

Get Focused – Core Crunch -15min workout
2x {1min V-ups
       1min full extensions
       1min suitcases
       1min side plank crunches
       1min frogger with swivel}
1min plank
2min side plank
1min opposite arm/leg supermans
1min kick downs

Get Focused – Butt Buster – 15min workout
3x {1min hip lifts
       1min cross back lunges
       30sec split jumps – just did fast lunges
       1min side lunge with rotation
       1min modified side plank leg lift
       30sec recover}

I ended up not getting the fluid injection.  Talking with my Dr. about the results from the cortisone shot, he decided that my best option is to have surgery.  The fluid shot wasn’t going to help.  I have many emotions about this, which I’ll discuss in another post.  My Dr. said recovery time from surgery is 4weeks.  I did some internet searching and found stories about having your legs elevated for ~10days, having to use crutches, taking heavy pain meds, and the recovery being months!  I know not to trust everything on the internet, but my goal was to get more information to have a better conversation with the surgeon.  Everything I read freaked me out!   So no more internet searching.  My appointment with the surgeon is on Tuesday…

Sat, June 23rd I had made plans for the morning with a friend to go to a yard store for our knitting projects, so I didn’t have time in the morning for a long run.  I did do back stretching and JABS – 230 sit-ups.

Sun, June 24th  Long run day!  10 miles in 1hr 34min 30sec.  The time is pretty bad.  I started noticing my foot ~mile 3 and the rest was a struggle.  Because my foot hurt, I slowed down my pace.   The 1st half-marathon of October is 15weeks away… running like crap and feeling bad isn’t something I am looking forward to.  Yesterday, I was leaning towards postponing the surgery until November, after the races in October.  Today, I am leaning towards scraping the fall races and getting my foot taken care on now.  But this all depends on the information the surgeon tells me on Tuesday.

I knew this run was going to be hard, so I planned 2 walk breaks at 3.5miles and 7miles.  I took a bathroom break ~4.5miles and had to stop for traffic a few times (these were not included in the splits).
Splits –
Mile 1 – 9:13
Mile 2 – 9:12
Mile 3 – 9:04
0.5miles @8:50
1:59min walk break to eat a fruit bar
0.39miles @8:55
1mile @9:29 – hilly!
1mile @9:07
1mile @9:48
2:12min walk break
0.92miles @8:57
1mile @9:15
1mile @9:25

Needless to say, this weekend had been tough on me mentally.  I love working out and having races on the calendar.  Sort of knowing that those plans might/will have to change, is hard.  I am trying not to think too much about it until I get more information from the surgeon.  
I hope you have all had a better weekend then me!

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