Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekly workout wrap-up

Sun, June 3rd2mile walk with G and Molly and JABS – 210 sit-ups and 46 push-ups.
Update – evening walk with G and Molly – 1.75miles

Mon, June 4th 4mile easy run and 8 pick-ups (30sec sprint, 35sec easy walk)
4miles @ 9:16, 9:25, 8:51, and 8:38
8 x 30sec PU –
            1st – 0.08miles @6:26
            2nd – 0.08miles @6:15
            3rd -  0.08miles @6:33
            4th – 0.08miles @6:28
            5th – 0.08miles @6:42
            6th – 0.08miles @6:29
            7th – 0.07miles @6:43
            8th – 0.08miles @6:38
Total – 4.84miles in 44:32
And JABS – 210 sit-ups and 46 push-ups.

Tues, June 5thBoot camp with lots of running!

Wed, June 6thoff/rest day! I did do JABS – 210 sit-ups and 46 push-ups

Thurs, June 7th5mile run –
1mile easy @ 9:30
3miles pace @ 8:33, 0.22miles @8:27, 2min walk break to catch my breath (I seem to need a break here almost every time I run…) 0.69miles @ 8:27, and 1mile @8:18
1mile easy @ 8:41

Total – 5.01miles in 44:43.
After dinner, we took Molly for a 2mile walk and I did my JABS – 210 sit-ups and 46 push-ups!

Fri, June 8thAM boot camp…I was the only one there L
I did a circuit – run up the hill and back (0.2miles), then 50 reps of various exercises – repeat. Ran ~1.6miles!
Various exercises – jump squats, burbees, flat belly push-ups, shoulder press push-ups, power jacks, alternating elbow-to-knee touch and extension with 8lb weights, cleans with 8lb weights, and lower abs.

Working out alone actually wasn’t too bad!

Sat, June 9th Because of weekend scheduling, this morning was a sleep–in morning and just a 2.57mile walk with G and Molly and JABS – 210 sit-ups and 46 push-ups.

Sun, June 10th Long run day!  8miles!  Just kidding!  It was pouring outside and rain was predicted all day.  So I decided to do some Nike Training Club workouts, JABS (220 sit-ups and 48 push-ups), and try and take Molly for a walk (2 did a rainy 2miles).  I’ll try and do more running this week….

Get Focused – Shoulder Ripper – 15min
3x {1min Sumo squat with lateral raise
       1min plank walk
       1min shoulder press
       1min single leg deadlift reverse fly
       30sec plank
      30sec recover}

Better Butt – 15min
3 x {1min single leg clock squats
        1min alternating step back lunges
        1min split jumps
        1min pulse jumps
       1min wide leg deadlifts}

Cardio Killer – 15min
3x{1min alternating frogger
      1min burpee
      30sec squat hold
      30sec squat jumps
      1min 2feet plank side hops
      30sec tuck jumps
      30sec recover}

Ab Burner – 15min
3x {1min toe touches
       1min Russian twists
       30sec plank
       1min modified side plank
       1min crazy Ivans
       30sec recovery}

What workouts have you been doing?  Do you like working out alone?

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